Best Shoes Every Guy Should Have For This Summer

When it comes to feet, some guys don’t really understand how it is important to have more than one pair of sneakers. We asked the top stylists at the best barber shop NYC to tell us more about modern and comfortable shoes for this summer, so check them out and find something new for yourself.

1 Desert boots

Originally, made for the British soldiers, such shoes won’t let you sweat and moreover, you can wear them with or without socks. If you are going to some music festival or in mountains – desert boots will be a perfect decision, which can save you from heating and make you feel warm when it’s cold.

2 High-end sneakers

Minimalism is a trend of all this summer, so a pair of some white minimalistic kicks will be a great addition to your daily style.

3 Boat shoes

Very light, such shoes can save you during the summer heat. They look really cool with shorts and a white polo (you’ve probably known it).

4 Lightweight runners

A breathable pair of shoes in your wardrobe is a very important thing not only for workouts. Very comfortable and lightweight, all runners make you feel really amazing during this damn hot weather.

5 Loafers

Still working in the office? The best decision for you will be to buy a pair of cool loafers. They look classic and are suitable with any suit, moreover, there is no need to wear socks, they look amazing without them. Show your ankles!

6 Throwback sneakers

Add in your style some spring vibes with a pair of throwback sneakers, they’ll make you look like a surfer or skater. But the most important thing – they are really super comfortable!

7 Flip-flops

Going to a beach or pool? Buy a good pair of a flip-flops and stay cool.


8 Espadrilles

Such chill-out shoes are suitable to any outfit and make your walks very comfortable in any weather.

9 Whine canvas sneakers

They’ll never go out of style. Very comfortable, such shoes are suitable with any short, jeans or whatever you like to wear.

Buy at least 2-3 pairs of any shoes and stay comfortable during this hot summer weather.

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