How to Find the Perfect Jeans

Jeans are such a statement piece for most of us. I think every person must own a great pair of jeans. So when it comes time to refresh the denim, it can be super stressful to go jean shopping. In fact, the average woman will try on over 20 pairs of jeans before they find the right ones.

With our smart advice, we can help you find the perfect pair…of jeans!

  • Check the label – The label will tell you everything you need to know about the jeans. It will say what style, size and leg shape they are. Unfortunately there’s no universal size guide when it comes to jeans. You have to brave the fitting room and try them on.
  • Go darker – Having jeans with a darker wash are a lot more flattering to your figure. They hide all those places that bother us perfectly.
  • Don’t get distressed – Jeans that have a distressed look are great…but they can have bleach lines in places that aren’t so flattering. It’s best to steer clear.
  • Mother knows best – If in doubt, try some Mom jeans. Mom jeans are back in fashion, and they suit a wide range of body shapes. They are trendy and great for those of us who have a fuller figure.
  • Don’t go too young – There are a lot of jean styles out there that are more for the tween generation. Wearing a pair of ripped thigh jeans when you’re 40 isn’t going to be a good look. Choose a style that is age appropriate and flattering to your body shape.
  • Wear them right – Combine your jeans with the right top and accessories to make a statement outfit. If you have some great shoes to show off, try some ankle grazing jeans.

Jeans are super tricky to pick out, and it can take hours to find the right pair. This is why hiring an image consultant can be so beneficial. A personal stylist will match your body shape with the right jeans to suit your lifestyle. It takes all of that hassle and time out of shopping for those perfect denim jeans.

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