Mixing and Matching Your Kid’s Wardrobe: Color and Pattern Combinations

Choosing cute outfits for your kids can be fun, but do you ever wonder if what you’re putting together really matches? Better yet, what about when the kids are old enough to “dress themselves”? Never fear. There are a ton of cute clothes to choose from to keep your child’s wardrobe up to date and outfits making sense. Whether it is a plethora of patterns or simply solids, LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique has the mixing and matching ensembles you are looking for to keep your child happy and hip. Here are some great color and pattern combinations that are simple and chic.

Stirring up Stripes

Stripes are simple patterns that can be easily paired. Many color combinations are available to suite any taste. Try a solid top matching one stripe color of a pair of pants or shorts. For cute blocks of color and patterns, try this: Serendipity Secret Garden Girls Tunic with Shorts. The adorable top in this set features a colorful floral pattern for the skirt and polka dots from the waist up. These come with matching stripped shorts but can be easily mix and matched thanks to the color choices in the tunic. Check out Serendipity Fuchsia Rosette Top and Shorts Southern Belle for a bold color swap option to for your stripes.

Dressing with Denim

Denim is an easy choice to add to every wardrobe in the home. Thankfully there are cute spins off this fashion staple that will complete any outfit. Take a look at Baby Sara Denim Shorts with Rose Tank for an example of denim shorts with a white rose tank top. These short with their crochet lace trim will pair nicely any spring or summer top. Mix up your denim collection with this Mae Li Rose Skirt with Eyelet Trim for a cute and easily matched option.

Floral and (Almost) Anything

Floral is easily matched whether is it on a shirt, shorts, or a skirt. Floral patterns typically have several colors to choose from. Simply choose one of the colors in your floral piece and choose a solid in the color. The Mustard Pie Sugar Blossom Penelope Skirt can be paired with soft pink, white, red, and even mustard. With similar colors the Persnickety Wonderstruck Lily Girls Skirt is has a older color scheme and can go with traditional pink, green, or yellow. Give them an extra pop with these bunny shoes.

Surprising Color Combinations

Beside the expected pinks and purples, give these color combinations a go. Mustard, turquoise, and grey are gorgeous in the Sunset Dunes collections by Mustard Pie. Check out the Aztec feel of this cute dress. Another combination to consider is deep dark blues with light soft pink or yellow. Look at this outfit for an example of those colors: Mud Pie Hen and Chick Tunic and Leggings Set.

Now that we have reviewed a variety of cute mixing and matching options, what will you add to your child’s wardrobe? The possibilities are endless! Have fun and happy shopping.


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