Ramp up Your Personal Style

Have you fallen into a style rut?  It’s sometimes too easy to simply wear the same suits and shoes year in and year out. Many men complain that the corporate suit is akin to a uniform with little room for variation. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Take these recommendations from professional stylists to ramp up your professional style.

The number one recommendation upon which just about every stylist will agree is to invest in quality garments over quantity. A well-tailored suit constructed from quality fabrics will wear better and longer than several suits purchased on sale on a whim. Meet with a tailored at a quality men’s store and seek their advice on fit, styling and fabrics. An investment in a custom suit will pay off for years to come.  Select a darker fabric and a cut with traditional lines for your first custom suit.  Avoid trendy lapels and shoulder cuts. The tailor will allow room for future alterations.

Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of quality shoes from the selection offered by Allen Edmonds. Quality shoes, when properly taken care of will not only be very comfortable and lend an air of fashion, but will also last for many years. A well-tailored custom suit paired with a pair of quality shoes will make a strong professional statement.  Take the same approach to quality when selecting a briefcase. Avoid super trendy styles. Invest in a briefcase that you can keep for years. A well-constructed but worn briefcase is the sign of battles won in the boardroom. The same philosophy should carry over to your phone case and tablet sleeves. Ditch the ball point pens and invest in a quality writing instrument – you’ll be glad you did in the long run. Follow these recommendations from the professional stylists and you’ll have the foundation for a strong wardrobe for years to come!

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