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When mentioning names of fun events, you just cannot leave out wedding events. These events have existed for ages and differ from time to time and place to place. The main element that is common in almost all weddings regardless of the era or part of the world that the event is being held is music. Traditionally there were very distinct types of music played at different stages of the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Musicians

Preludes, processional and recession music

The traditional three types of music played at wedding ceremonies were called preludes, processional and recessional music respectively. Preludes were light ambient music that was played as the guests were entering and settling into the venue. This was followed by processional music which was played as special attendants such as family members entered. This music could also be used as the bride enters but nowadays, many event planners prefer to have special music playing as the bride enters.

As the guest exit recession music is played. Experienced wedding musicians knew exactly what genre of music to play at which stage of the ceremony. If however you decide to work with non-experienced wedding musicians yet you want the music to be based on this traditional routine, you might have to take them through the basics or ask them do a little homework on the same to ensure that they grasp the concept.


Bride and Grooms Special Requests

In addition to these three major types of music, the bride and groom might request interlude music at specific intervals during the ceremony. This is usually music that has sentimental value to either the groom or the bride or both. They might also request for special postludes music to be played after exiting the venue. Postludes in many cases will involve violin playing.

Get Informed

If you are new to ceremonies and events planning, this may sound like too much to swallow but thank so the Internet, you can find a lot of helpful information on choice of music and wedding musicians that will help you make a pick. There a quite a number of ceremonies sites with useful information such as the type of music and musicians, where to locate them as well as their pricing. You may also find out more about the ceremonies that your wedding musicians of choice are performing near you. Make a point to attend such ceremonies to get more insight on their level of performance. After attending a few ceremonies with different musicians performing, your choice will be undoubtedly clear.

Know, Meet and Exceed Customer Expectation

In provision of any service, it is paramount that you understand your customer needs instead of delivering something that is excellent according to your own standards and not the standards of the people you are working for. Make a point of interviewing the bride and groom and a small samples of the invited guests to understand the caliber of wedding musicians they prefer. Some couples also have specific instruments they want played at their wedding. Regardless of your personal opinions, make sure that you make your customers happy at the end of the day. It is their day after all.

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