Where to Buy Pandora Style Charms and Beads?

Pandora sells some of the most exquisite, show stopping and subtly designed charms and beads that encapsulate love, luck and quite simply represent daily life. Charms that are representative symbols like heart, cupid, cute, cuddly and dreamy animals like teddy bears and unicorns embedded with sparkling precious and semi precious stones as well as crystals not to mention see through glass and stylish enamel have charmed many.

Beads that add a rustic and elegant touch to the wearer come in many shapes and sizes as well as materials like wood, plastic and metals – at Pandora, there are a whole range of charms and beads to choose from. But you might find the price tags of Pandora’s charms and beads on the excessively expensive side which makes you shy from making the purchase, fearing your wallet may not be able to take the pressure. Well, worry not, for there are online jewelry stores where you can by Pandora like styled charms and beads at lower rate prices.

Photo via Belinda Jewelz

For Pandora charms alternatives, Belinda Jewelz have loads of it minus the pricey price tag. Belinda Jewelz collection of Charms and Beads in Sterling Silver are delicate pieces embellished with waves of intense colored and sparkling stones, a perfect dangly addition to a bracelet and necklace or even hoop earrings. They also have a small collection of Animal charms like Penguins, Frogs etc.

SEARS online jewelry store boasts a collection of charms that can be hung or fitted to bracelets to add a touch of individual class. Their Dove & Green Enameled Olive Branch Charm in Sterling Silver is a product of meticulous detail. It will add symbolism to your bracelet, as an icon for peace and serenity. The Pandora quality at SEARS charms and beads offer you the best deals at a considerably low price.

Photo via Michaels

Michaels online jewelry store offer beads and charms at most affordable prices without skimping on the quality that Pandora projects. Whether you are looking for iridescent charms or pretty beads to deck your bracelets and necklaces, Michaels online jewelry store has something for everyone with delightfully low price tags.

So, Pandora styled charms and beads that cost less are not hard up to find especially when you have a keen eye. Hope this will help you set hands on Pandora lookalike charms and beads which cost a fraction of what Pandora’s pieces cost and make your jewelry ooze additional sophistication.

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